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How Much Do You Actually Know About Mount Rushmore?

Take our quiz and find out!

Challenge yourself to our Mount Rushmore quiz to test your knowledge of the memorial and maybe even learn something new. No cheating! Keep track of your answers and check them at the bottom of the quiz!

1. On average, how many visitors does Mount Rushmore host each year?
      a. 3 Million
      b. 1 Million
      c. 500,000
      d. Wait, Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota?

2. How long and how many carvers did it take to build Mount Rushmore?
      a. 20 years and 200 carvers
      b. 14 years and 400 carvers
      c. 5 years and 1,000 carvers
      d. Zero, Mount Rushmore is a natural formation.

3. Approximately, how much did Mount Rushmore Cost?
      a. 5 million
      b. 800,000
      c. 1 million
      d. What is Mount Rushmore?

4. What was used to carve over 90% of Mount Rushmore?
      a. Hand Chisels
      b. Jackhammers
      c. Dynamite
      d. Rocks and sticks

5. How high are the faces of Mount Rushmore?
      a. 60 feet
      b. 100 feet
      c. 30 feet
      d. Good thing this quiz isn't graded.

6. Who has the longest nose on Mount Rushmore?
      a. Theodore Roosevelt
      b. Abraham Lincoln
      c. George Washington
      d. Pinocchio - he's up there right?

7. When did carving start on Mount Rushmore?
      a. August 18, 1940
      b. October 4, 1927
      c. September 4, 1935
      d. The date I was going to randomly guess isn't an option...

8. Which presidents face was started in a different spot on Mount Rushmore?
      a. Thomas Jefferson
      b. George Washington
      c. Theodore Roosevelt
      d. I just learned the faces on Mount Rushmore are of presidents.

9. What is located behind the sculpture of Abraham Lincoln?
      a. More Rocks
      b. A Hall of Records
      c. A Private Scenic Overlook
      d. A Lake – like they show in the National Treasure movie.

10. How wide are the eyes and mouths of each president on Mount Rushmore?
      a. Approx. 11 feet wide and 18 feet wide
      b. Approx. 60 feet wide and 120 feet wide
      c. Approx. 10 feet wide and 15 feet wide
      d. Pass.

Mount Rushmore 4_web_0.jpg

Check your answers!

1. A: Mount Rushmore hosts an average of three million visitors a year. That’s more than the population of Chicago!

2. B: It took 14 years and 400 carvers to make Mount Rushmore! And, despite the harsh and dangerous conditions, no one died working on the project.

3. C: It costed nearly one million dollars to carve Mount Rushmore and it was done mostly during the Great Depression. Today it would cost approximately $17,830,185 to carve Mount Rushmore.

4. C: 90% of Mount Rushmore was carved using dynamite! The blasts removed approximately 450,000 tons of rock, details were finished with jackhammers and hand chisels.

5. A: The faces of Mount Rushmore stand 60 feet high, that’s equivalent to a six-story building!

6. C: George Washington has the longest nose measuring at about 21 feet. The rest of the presidents have nose’s that measure about 20 feet.

7. B: Carving started on Mount Rushmore on October 4, 1927. However, President Calvin Coolidge officially dedicated Mount Rushmore on August 10, 1927.

8. A: Thomas Jefferson’s face was originally started on the opposite side of George Washington. However, after 18 months into carving, they realized the granite was too weak. They had to dynamite off what was carved and start new on the other side of George.

9. B: Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor of Mount Rushmore, actually began blasting a Hall of Records behind Abraham.

10. A: The eyes of each president are 11 feet wide, and their mouths are approximately 18 feet wide.

If you found yourself frequently selecting answer "D" and you would like to learn more about Mount Rushmore, I suggest checking out our blogs about how Mount Rushmore came to be and who the faces of the carving are and why! Or you could start planning your next vacation to Rapid City to see and learn everything about the memorial in person!

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Kelsy Koerlin

Raised in Rapid City and lucky to call it home, this outdoor enthusiast loves to explore the Black Hills with her two dogs and fiancé. When she’s not at work you’ll find her out hiking, at a local ice cream shop, or perhaps home taking a nap.

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Kelsy Koerlin
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Raised in Rapid City and lucky to call it home, this outdoor enthusiast loves to explore the Black Hills with her two dogs and fiancé. When she’s not at work you’ll find her out hiking, at a local ice cream shop, or perhaps home taking a nap.

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