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Art and Fashion for all Abilities

Downtown Rapid City is a hub for arts and culture. They are home to the City of Presidents, The Dahl Arts Center, Prairie Edge Trading Co. & Galleries and my personal favorite Suzie Cappa Arts Center. More and more art is popping up on every corner with the addition of lightbox wraps featuring local talent, and of course the final year of the Sculpture Project: Passage of Wind and Water. There is no denying Rapid City is an art town. 



I should tell you, I am an art nerd. I love walking around local art galleries or getting my hands dirty and painting, even if I’m not very good and of course performing. Creating is something that I have loved doing since I was knee high. For this reason, I believe galleries like Suzie Cappa in Rapid City are the most inspiring.

Suzie Cappa is not an ordinary art gallery their mission is not to display the finest art from a select group of artists, but to show the art of artists of all abilities. This isn’t the only thing that makes them awesome; they also support over 160 adults with disabilities. I was fortunate enough to attend their FashionABLE event, and it was unbelievable how many incredible outfits were created, put on display, and then auctioned off to the community. 




Each artist had the option to walk the runway in their designs or have a model walk for them. The audience cheered for each piece and the artist or model who bravely walked the runway. 

The art put on display at Suzie Cappa is awe-inspiring and shows just how important art is to the community. It was impossible for me not to buy something when I knew it would be supporting the artist. 




Walking around these displays was different than any art museum I have visited because it presents the creations of artists of all abilities and they even put a picture of the artist next to their work.

Rapid City’s art scene is rapidly growing, and Suzie Cappa Art Gallery is one that contributes to Big Things in Rapid City!

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Meet the Author

Anne Orban

Anne was born and raised in the Rushmore State and is so glad to call a place with so much beauty home. After spending a few short years away in college, she is happy to be back in the place she loves most, Rapid City.  

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Anne Orban
Social Media and Content Developer

Anne was born and raised in the Rushmore State and is so glad to call a place with so much beauty home. After spending a few short years away in college, she is happy to be back in the place she loves most, Rapid City.  

Anne tries to live her life authentically documenting everything with her trusty Nikon D5200. She can often be found writing in coffee shops, on a new hiking trail with friends, or walking her cat Meredith in any of the parks around town. As a perpetual wanderlust, Anne has taken a few road trips and plans on taking many more. Her favorite past time is playing tourist in her own back yard and finding hidden treasures in the Black Hills.

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