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The Best Of Both Worlds

It’s no question that our area is home to amazing scenery, drives, and outdoor activities all encompassed within the Black Hills National Forest. With all of this natural beauty surrounding our area you might be wondering, “What about shopping? Nightlife? Food? Beer?” have no fear, we’ve got that to. When you stay at The Howard Johnson Inn & Suites Mount Rushmore, you’re minutes away from either exploring the Black Hills, or treating yourself to some Downtown Rapid City fun.

Our Downtown Scene

The food scene here is incredibly diverse and astonishingly delicious. If your stomach is craving a specific style entree, every direction of Downtown can satisfy that hunger. Que Pasa creates a delicious and mouthwatering selection of modern Mexican cuisine! Carnitas, Enchiladas, Burritos and more, they’ve got it. Down the street Kathmandu Bistro offers a wide selection of tasty traditional Indian meals where you can choose the level of heat you desire. Not what you’re looking for? Head toward Botticelli Ristorante Italiano for some of the best Italian cuisine that money can buy. These restaurants and many more are a measly three-minute drive from The Howard Johnson.

All filled up and nowhere to go? Not a problem, you're in Downtown Rapid City! If you need that great souvenir (or at least say it's a souvenir but really you just want to do some judgment), Downtown is lined with a variety of local shops for you to get exactly what you need. A popular shop for locals and visitors alike is the one of a kind Prairie Edge Trading Co. and Galleries. This two-story, corner store is full of beautifully crafted Native American art and awesome local products.

There’s no need to worry if shopping isn’t exactly your cup of tea. Right on the corner of 6th and Main is Main Street Square. This Downtown hub always has something going on; fountains during the summer, ice skating during the winter, along with concerts, unique festivals and events! If you happen to catch a time where there isn’t anything going on at Main Street Square, the Howard Johnson is next to the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center where fun and unique events are taking place year-round. Catch a Rush Hockey game attend a concert or check out a festival and be a few steps from your hotel.

Playing in the Black Hills

Have you ever wondered what its like to be within an hour’s drive of seven national and state parks and monuments? Any direction you head from The Howard Johnson will lead you to one of these phenomenal places. Be sure to bring a map or charge your phone just in case, we can’t all be Lewis and Clark.

If you head south from The Howard Johnson Hotel, you’ll find yourself on the road to Mount Rushmore, which is kind of a big deal. I mean its four 60-foot heads on the side of a mountain for goodness sake and it’s only a 38-minute drive from the hotel.

Heading east from the hotel on I-90 will send you to the Badlands National Park, a 244,000 acre park filled with a beautiful Mars-like terrain!

Turn to the west from The Howard Johnson and you’ll find your way to Spearfish where you can take a gorgeous drive through Spearfish Canyon. This portion of the Black Hills National Forest is a beautiful drive through a lush canyon with waterfall overlooks that can take you on a loop back into the Mount Rushmore area where you can also find Crazy Horse, Custer State Park, and Needles Highway.

When choosing a vacation destination, you don’t have to choose between adventuring in the outdoors and exploring the city. When you stay in Rapid City at The Howard Johnson, you get both! To add on to a superb location, I should also mention how great and affordable it is to stay at the Howard Johnson. They are a certificate of excellence award winner from Tripadvisor, and are the Property of the Year from Wyndham (which is a national award), both awards are a pretty big deal. And because everyone loves free things you should know they offer free breakfast and free happy hour for all guests which includes beer, wine, soda and popcorn! Learn more about everything the The Howard Johnson Inn & Suites Mount Rushmore offers by checking out their website.

Meet the Author

Cody Wiseman

Despite only living in Rapid City for 12 years, this adventurer is glad to call the Black Hills his home. Actually seeing him is rare as he is usually huddled behind his camera trying to capture anything and everything that catches his eye.

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Cody Wiseman
Communications Manager

Despite only living in Rapid City for 12 years, this adventurer is glad to call the Black Hills his home. Actually seeing him is rare as he is usually huddled behind his camera trying to capture anything and everything that catches his eye.

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