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Five Pro Tips For Roaming With Dinosaurs

If you didn’t already know, we don’t do anything small in Rapid City. How could we? With landmarks like Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Crazy Horse Memorial so close by the bar has already been set so high. But the people of Rapid City have always done big things, yes even before Mount Rushmore. How do I know this? The 80-year-old concrete Dinosaurs on Skyline Drive. 




Dinosaur Park is one of my favorite childhood memories. I remember if we had been very good while my mom was running errands maybe just maybe we could go and play on the dinosaurs. I always dreamed of climbing to the top of the brontosaurus, who am I kidding I still want to do that. It will always be a fond and favorite memory so here are 5 pro tips for experiencing Dinosaur Park at any age. 


Anne on Dinosaur.JPG


Just climb on them- Above is an embarrassing photo of me as a freshman in college laying on the triceratops. I’ve been there since then 24-year-old me enjoys climbing on these masterpieces as much as I did when I was 5 and 18 years old. You don’t really experience the dinosaurs until you sit on them. I used to love pretending I was riding these beasts through the ancient landscapes that used to make up Rapid City. A lot has changed since the real dinosaurs roamed the Black Hills and having these life-sized cartoonish representations leaves room in the imagination for what life was like back then. 




Take in the view – Why would you miss out on a 100-mile view? This was my second favorite part of the park! I was able to look over the city and I am always in awe of how vast the city and surrounding area are from the dinosaurs.  Bonus tip – Make sure you look one way and then turn around and see what’s behind you. I guarantee it’s just as beautiful! 


Dinosaur Park 45.JPG


Check out the Visitors Center: There is so much to learn about this favorite Rapid City attraction and who wants to leave without taking a piece of it home with you? Growing up I loved getting a little trinket to bring home with me but now I like looking at historical photos and learning the story behind the park.


Dinosaur Park - Chad Coppess (1).jpgPhoto By Chad Coppess

Take photos – It doesn’t matter if you are with or without kids, snap a few shots of these beasts. They are too big to forget but you’ll want to look back on your memories plus you’ll have to prove to your friends you saw real dinosaurs in Rapid City! 


Dinosaur Park 23.jpg


Pack a picnic – Again another favorite memory from my childhood. Mom would pack us sandwiches and chips and we would all help carry it to the top of the hill. It was always the best place to enjoy lunch. We were eating with dinosaurs, what could be better? It makes for a free and fun meal for little ones or a unique and romantic date spot for you couples out there!

Adults and children have enjoyed these statues for years. They have watched over Rapid City and given residents and visitors happy memories and will continue for many years to come.


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Meet the Author

Anne Orban

Anne was born and raised in the Rushmore State and is so glad to call a place with so much beauty home. After spending a few short years away in college, she is happy to be back in the place she loves most, Rapid City.  

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Anne Orban
Social Media and Content Developer

Anne was born and raised in the Rushmore State and is so glad to call a place with so much beauty home. After spending a few short years away in college, she is happy to be back in the place she loves most, Rapid City.  

Anne tries to live her life authentically documenting everything with her trusty Nikon D5200. She can often be found writing in coffee shops, on a new hiking trail with friends, or walking her beagle in any of the parks around town. As a perpetual wanderlust, Anne has taken a few road trips and plans on taking many more. Her favorite past time is playing tourist in her own back yard and finding hidden treasures in the Black Hills.

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