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Friday Nights at a Hidden Gem by a Local Favorite

If you are like me when you travel you look for the most authentic of experiences. Which means getting a taste of what the locals do for fun. Rapid City’s locals like to go out and have fun on the weekends, I for one love getting a taste of culture and finding the hole in the wall restaurants with open mic nights. The most recent nightlife experience I had was the Vinote Sessions at Firehouse Wine Cellars


Wine and Music in a relaxing setting

I will admit I don’t get out like I used too but I decided to crawl out of hibernation mode and enjoy a glass of wine and listen to some local talent. I also had admittedly never been to Firehouse Wine Cellars before, but I have tried their wine so I knew whatever I ordered would be, in one word, amazing. 


A Twist of Rapid City History 

The atmosphere in this place makes you feel as if you are in an Italian winery with a twist of Rapid City history. Since I am a huge history buff, I was immediately drawn to the old photos that lined the walls, and I took the time to look at each of them. It is easy to forget just how rich our history is, I always enjoy it when I get little reminders. The dim lights and conversations around me automatically put me in the stress-free zone. I sat down and sipped my wine while the musician of the evening took requests and joked with his audience. 


A hidden gem and a local favorite

Everyone in Rapid City knows and has been to Firehouse Brewing Company, or the Firehouse if you want to be in on the local lingo, but the Wine Cellar is a hidden gem. They are a smaller operation next to the big restaurant and oldest brewing company in Rapid City. 


More than it appears 

Something that is cool about the wine cellars is the kinds of things you can do if you book a party reservation. Bridal showers can make their own unique labels and dip their special wine bottles in wax to seal it. You can get tours of the winery and of course participate in tastings. While these are things I have yet to experience, it sounds pretty amazing to me! 


Impressive gift shop

Everyone loves souvenirs of their trips and the Firehouse boasts a pretty amazing gift shop. When the music stopped and my glass of wine was finished I took a walk through their gift shop. All of the items were unique and I was tempted to buy one of the growlers they had for sale there but my favorite was the wall of patches. Who knew something so simple could be so pleasing to look at?


Now that I have experienced Firehouse Wine Cellars and all its glory you can bet it will be a new hang out for me. Stop in for a glass of Rapid City’s finest wine.

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Meet the Author

Anne Orban

Anne was born and raised in the Rushmore State and is so glad to call a place with so much beauty home. After spending a few short years away in college, she is happy to be back in the place she loves most, Rapid City.  

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Anne Orban
Social Media and Content Developer

Anne was born and raised in the Rushmore State and is so glad to call a place with so much beauty home. After spending a few short years away in college, she is happy to be back in the place she loves most, Rapid City.  

Anne tries to live her life authentically documenting everything with her trusty Nikon D5200. She can often be found writing in coffee shops, on a new hiking trail with friends, or walking her cat Meredith in any of the parks around town. As a perpetual wanderlust, Anne has taken a few road trips and plans on taking many more. Her favorite past time is playing tourist in her own back yard and finding hidden treasures in the Black Hills.

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